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SGA is a device designed for semi-permanent make-up. Semi-permanent make-up is like a permanent tattoo makeup style which is new technique. Differ from Tattoo which leave scheme forever. SGA is a device that allows the site-specific treatment by programming appropriate and optimized speed for each mode. SGA Needle, by continuously moving vertical upward and downward, and inject micropigmentation in the target area. In addition to the purpose for beauty, it also used as rebuilding appearance of various diseases. Such as vitiligo, scars and areola.


Controlling system for needling speed from lv1-lv5

It can adjust the needling speed from lv1-lv5 steps, so you can set proper level for each treatment area. Depending on the degree of patient’s pain or skin conditions, able to set appropriate and delicate procedure.


Controlling system for needle depth(from 0~2.0mm)

By using the needling depth control lever, able to adjust proper needling depth. There is leader-line on every 0.2mm so able to be adjust the needling depth easily.

3 different types needle

Depending on the treatment area and each purpose. SGA providing three different types of needles to each different treatment. Each needle is packed with sterile packing for hygienic treatment and ban to re-use.


A . Comfortable grip during long use
By Using a non-slip materials on the gripping side, during the treatment, it can prevent accidents and also improve treatment convenience.

B . Adjusted needling depth control lever
With only simple operation, able to control needling depth.. More delicate depth of needling is possible by implement convenient lever.

C . Easier operation of the device
With only one button, able to on/off the power, and control needling-speed.

D . Power level checking LED
When the speed level is goes up, LED’s flashing is speeded up and able to check on the procedure of the treatment.

E . Convinient storage
SGA is a pen-type device so it is handy and easy to store it anywhere. SGA’s weight is 64g and it is only 13cm except from needle.