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How does it work?

Fraction CO2 is an optimum solution for laser surgery treatment by fractionated CO2 laser technology. The advanced laser delivers the CO2 laser energy in a fractional pattern, which leaves untreated regions between the treated regions of skin, and the treated tissue will be repaired to healthy tissue in a short period of time.


Fractional Resurfacing

The above picture shows the fractionally ablated skin, shown to a depth of 10 to 70 microns. This laser is fractional and the skin heals much More quickly. The above picture shows a general case of ablative fractional resurfacing to a depth of 600 to 1,000 microns.

Stable delivery of pulsed energy

The graph on the left shows the depth of penetration as the energy pulse level of Fraction CO2 is stepped up. According to the graph, when the pulse level goes up, the depth of penetration goes deeper by the same rate.


A . Scan size control button
With the size control button you can adjust the scan size to suit the target area specifications. It boosts user convenience.

B . Surgical tip
You can put a surgical tip to treat small areas of the skin. When it is on continuous pulse mode, you can treat spots, freckles, etc.

C . Skin stabilizer
Skin stabilizer to support the target areas for safe treatments.

D . Air blower function
The hand piece can be moved in all directions and enables you to perform delicate operations.

E . Hand piece movable in all directions
The hand piece can be moved in all directions and enables you to perform delicate operations.

F . Emergency Switch
When you press the pause button, the power is cut immediately. You get the power back when you turn the switch to the right(clockwise).

G . LCD Touch Screen & User friendly UI
It is easy to maintain with the full color LCD touch screen and its simple UI makes it more convenient to operate.

H . Foot switch
There is the foot switch for user convenience.



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