High-Resolution Wireless Diagnosis System

dpViso is an advanced skin diagnostic system with unparalleled technology. The dpViso combines stylish and sophisticated design for fast and easy use with a cloud-enabled database of skin images using multi-spectral imaging and proprietary image processing software. dpViso Skin Analyzer is the ideal partner to help captivate your clients’ attention at first glance, boosting your sales and enhancing your products & brand.



ㆍWireless diagnosis system connects handset and tablet/mobile phone
ㆍKeeps your work environment clean and clutter-free
ㆍPortable camera with embedded rechargeable battery

Smart Skin Analysis Easy To Use

ㆍBidirectional communication link between dpViso and mobile/tablet

ㆍAutomatic camera mode selection

ㆍUser-friendly interface

High-Contrast Image and Accurate Analysis

ㆍFast and clear imaging with 5-mega pixel CMOS camera

ㆍAccurate analysis based on the clear images and best optimized algorithms developed in-house

ㆍDifferentiated automatic diagnostic process: Skin type, moisture, pores, spots, wrinkles, sebum, and keratin

One Single Multi-Spectral Optical Unit
for Multiple Measurements

One optical unit covers all modes

  • VSL mode: Pores, Wrinkles

  • XPL mode: Spots / Pigmentation, Keratin

  • UVL mode: Acne, Porphyrins

Moisture measurement via the moisture sensor embedded in the lens unit




ㆍReal-time image transfer via Wi-Fi
ㆍE-mail sent with personalized diagnosis results


You can change the language only by selecting an icon in Preferences


Integrated Analysis

Skin Pores

The size of a skin pore may look bigger when;

  1. The amount of Sebum on the skin surface connects with hair follicle(s)

  2. Sebum & impurities are clogged inside of pore

  3. A pore wall becomes sagged & stretched due to a decrease in elasticity

Skin Pigmentation / Spots

The Skin can look darker when the Melanin pigment is excessively produced on lighter when not so. This is called “Pigmentation” and caused by ultraviolet rays, skin infection or scars.

Skin Keratin

Our skin creates a new cell every 28 days while pushing a dead cell out. This dead cells is commonly known as ‘Keratin’. A 15-20% moisture level in skin is normal but skin becomes drier as the external humidity gets lower due to factors like environment and season. in this scenario Keratin actually occurs as a way to protect skin.

Skin Clarity

Skin clarity starts with the balance of color transmitted from inside your skin, transparent skin and opaque skin can be classified. this is usually measured in 3 Factors: 1 The thickness of skin, 2. The volume of Melanin distributed in ones skin, 3. The saccharification of protein.

Skin Wrinkles

Through exposures to ultraviolet rays, elasticity of skin is impoverished & elastin & collagen are degenerated, which makes skin dry & can lead to an increase in Wrinkles.

(Hyaluronan has a strong nature to absorb water & it can grow several times bigger if water remains on the skin. However, if water is lost, its bulk decreases and then wrinkle is held naturally on skin)

Skin Impurities

Porphyrin is the substance created by the Acne virus, the main reason for acne. It is indicated as scarlet orange light in response to a specific wavelenght range of UV light. Skin diseases such as acne can be analyzed by measuring the amount of porphyrin.

Skin Tone

Although it’s important to choose the correct makeup for your skin tone, it’s a fact that most people do not understand their skin fully. UV rays and impurities make changes to the skin surface, but skin undertones seem to be homogeneous in skin color.

Self-Sterilizing for peace of Mind


Businesses that will benefit the most with DermoPrime Viso Skin Analyzer:

Dermatology Clinics, Spas, Aesthetic Shops, Cosmetic Shops, Research Institutes, Beauty Academy, and many more.

If you’re looking for the perfect tool that will give you an edge against your competitors, or if you just want to attract new clients and boost your sales, this is the perfect match for you! With its premium design and state of the art diagnostic technology, it is in no doubt the most advanced skin diagnostic device today.

Professional & Sophisticated