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How does it work?

Clearlight using a Xenon lamp(430~989nm wavelength) is delivering intense light within a short period of time and designed for skin brightening. Clearlight uses a noninvasive way to deliver light energy deep into the skin layer and treats various skin problems with a range of filters.



Depth of Penetration of from Clearlight 5 cut–off Filters

Clearlight provides 5 cut-off filters, each filter penetrates characteristic photo-energy into. The tissue and treats the skin lesions without blood and normal tissue damage. The injured tissues disappear through metabolic processes.


5 Type Filters

Clearlight provides 5 different filters: 430nm, 560nm, 585nm, 640nm, 700nm. Each filter is designed to be changed easily.




A . Easy filter change
It is simple to change filters by pushing it.

B . Status LED
The Status LED displays the state of operation. You can check whether the energy is delivered or not and it is on standby or not.

C . Wide spot
15mm*40mm wide spot size for shorter treatment time.

D . Simple and sleek body design
589*310*950mm size for faster treatments.

E . Built-in filter holder
The device is equipped with a filter holder on the device body. It prevents any loss of the device components and makes it easy to perform treatments.

F . LCD Touch Screen & User friendly UI
It is easy to maintain with the full color LCD touch screen and its simple UI makes it more convenient to operate the device. When you press the pause button, the power is cut immediately.

G . Emergency Switch
You get the power back when you turn the switch to the right(clockwise).


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