• Celgen Mild Sun SPF50 + PA ++

    Celgen Mild Sun SPF50 + PA ++

    CELGEN Mild Sun SPF50 + PA ++ UVA / UVB double blocking! Smooth without balding and stickiness Balinese sunscreen

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  • Body Shaper Cleanser

    Body Shaper Cleanser

    CELGEN Body Shaper Cleanser A body cleanser that cleanses the skin of waste without irritation

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  • Celgen Marvelous Skin Re-Vital

    Celgen Marvelous Skin Re-Vital

    CELGEN Marvelous Skin Re-Vital C15vials Functional Nutritional Serum 1ml × 15EA (2 times for 1 use), which contains the first human stem…

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  • Celgen Aqua Moisture Cream

    Celgen Aqua Moisture Cream

    CELGEN Aqua Moisture Cream Intensive care for moist and refreshing water without shine

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  • Celgen Body Shaper Milk

    Celgen Body Shaper Milk

    CELGEN Body Shaper Milk Body milk that is absorbed lightly on the skin and moisturized all day

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  • CelGen CleanSense

    CelGen CleanSense

    CELGEN Cleansense Mild female cleanser without skin irritation containing essential ingredients

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  • Energy Vital Cream

    Energy Vital Cream

    CELGEN Energy Vital Cream Contains Green Tea Tannin Capsules to hydrate the skin

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