LIPOZERO is the solution for total body-line management !

The combination of a different technologies for
improved fat reduction.

Reduces the fat and cellulite at the same time,
leading to improvement of over all healthier

Solves out the body care & Anti-aging at the
same time.

Two types of handpieces can treat from the face and body at the same time!


Lipozero’s Multipolar RF is one of the latest technological breakthrough in the
fields of radiofrequency. Innovative technology harnesses the inherent benefits of
RF yet overcomes the limitations of previous mono & bi-polar technologies.
 Completely safe and extremely efficacious. Optimal RF energy to the skin surface
and subcutaneous fat layers resulting in immediate visible body and facial
contouring effects without surgery or downtime.

1) Immediate collagen contracture & neoformation afterwards.
2) Increased fat cell metabolism.
3) Improvement of microcirculation & lymphatic drainage.

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