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In the presence of trace substances that exists in a new organizations such as the placenta.
Optimized materials that obtained from salmon sperm cells for metabolic activity and regeneration.

Injected components survive and remaining substance fills the empty space
in the skin. (Bio-stimulation)
Cavallini M. Biorevitalization and cosmetic surgery of the face : synergies of action.   J Apple Cosmetol. 2004;22:125-132
Easily combined with water molecules to create water-containing
Promotes preadipocyte growth
Raposio E, et. al. In vitro polydeoxyribonucleotide effects
on human pre-adipocytes. Cell Prolif.
2008 Oct;41(5):739-54.
Antioxidant Effects
As free radical scavenger, protects free oxygen radicals
Promotes skin graft regeneration
Rubegni P, et al. Clinical evaluation of the trophic
effect of PDRN in patients undergoing skin explants
A Pilot Study. Curr Med Res Opin. 2001;17(2):128-31.
Regeneration Effects
Stimulates fibroblasts and create the optimum conditions to regenerate
moisturizing and antioxidant on a major skin structure
(glycosaminoglycan, proteins, glycoproteins, fibrils, etc.)
De Aloe G, et. al. Skin graft donor site and use of PDRN
as a treatment for skin regeneration : a randomized,
controlled, double-blind, clinical trial. Wounds.

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