Face Devices

Hydrabeauty, ENP, Fractional MTS, Clear Spot

Body Devices

Lipozero, Power Shape, Cool Shaping


Veluderm, Clapio Cell, Art Line.

Medical Devices

Hycoox, Vital Injector2, Plaxspot, Dr Injector, Tubex.


Clearlight, Diode 808, Microson, Microson Dual, RF Duet, Fractional

Face Products

Cell 97, CelGen.

Body Products

PRO Active PPC Solutions, Postilyn, Active PPC Body Cream.

Lifting Threads

Art Lift, Miracu.


DermaLife USA, based out of West Palm Beach, Florida with offices in Tampa, is taking the aesthetic industry to a higher level increasing patient satisfaction and practitioners' bottom line. We manufacture, distribute, and sell a wide range of devices incorporating the most up to date technology.

Our goal is to provide you with reliable, effective, aesthetic medical equipment to increase your business profits exponentially and satisfy your clients' desired image.


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Cell 97.7 Re-Activated Perfect Lifting Cream with EGF 5000ng
Suction pressure is detected and set when a needle is pressed on the skin and injects drug automatically.
Reduces the fat and cellulite at the same time, leading to improvement of over all healthier
1. Designed for professional use. 2. Applicable to all kinds of non-invasive body care machines. 3. The best content rate of active ingredients for professional treatments.
Crow’s feet and deep wrinkles caused by muscular contraction perpetuate and worsen as our facial expressions are natural and ongoing.
Injectable hyaluronic acid dermal filler +Lidocaine +Glutathione
Most optimized HIFU technology ever, unique and effective aesthetic device built on ultrasound technology to deliver face-lifting & custom contouring fat reduction for body.
In the presence of trace substances that exists in a new organizations such as the placenta.